South Carolina's Revolutionary Rivers Trail

revolutionary rivers trail
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José Gómez
February 5, 2019

South Carolina played a big part of history during the Revolutionary war. When you take a trip on The Revolutionary Rivers Trail, you can step back in time and learn about the history of the area and the natural landscape helped lead the Americans to victory. Stay at hotel carolina florence and you’ll be close to all the things South Carolina has to offer.

Whether you are a Revolutionary War buff or simply want to enjoy the outdoors that South Carolina offers, the Revolutionary Rivers National Recreation Trail is right for you. If you know about the Revolutionary War, you may have heard about General Francis Marion and his patriot militia that fought against the British. General Marion if often touted as one of the fathers of modern guerrilla warfare. Instead of engaging in frontal warfare that was popular back then, he would surprise larger bodies of British troops with quick surprise attacks followed by a quick withdrawal from the field, leaving the British troops confused and unable to fight back. General Marion would also lead his troops along the swamps of Lynches River in order to evade the British troops. This is how he earned the nickname, “Swamp Fox”.

Today, you too can try you luck at traveling through the swamps of Lynches River, just as General Marion did. Except this time, you’ll be able to travel the swamp by kayak, a luxury the early American troops didn’t have. The Revolutionary Rivers trail will take you through Marion’s backcountry battlegrounds as well as his secret base camp on Snow’s Island. Be on the lookout for panels that mark several historic spots along the trail. Kayaking tours are also offered.

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