Escape Rooms in Florence, SC
escape room florence sc
Ariana Sanchez
April 27, 2018

Popular Escape Rooms

One of the latest trends that has swept across the states are the popular Escape Rooms. The concept is an easy one - you and your friends are stuck in a room and only by solving various clues and riddles can you escape! There are a number of different themes and scenarios that have been created since the original inception of the Escape Room. Now you can put your skills to the test and check out these Escape Rooms available here in Florence.

All in Adventures Escape Room, conveniently located at the Magnolia Mall, offers a wide variety of themes to pick from ranging in difficulty. For example, Escape from Alcatraz is a difficulty level of 1. In this escape room, you are a prisoner and must attempt the impossible - getting out of the inescapable Alcatraz! Sherlock’s Library, another escape room features difficulty levels of 2 and 4. In this escape room, uncover the meeting place of the leaders of a secret society before it’s too late! For a real challenge, head to Houdini's Magic Cell, difficulty level 5. In this Escape Room, just like Houdini, you must use card tricks, manipulations, and skill to discover how to escape from padlocks and handcuffs. All in Adventures is open 7 days a week. Book your adventure online today!

South Carolina’s first Escape Room experience was brought to you by Locked Inn. Featuring three themed rooms, Locked Inn gets your adrenaline pumping with exciting back stories that will motivate you to escape as soon as you can! In Return to Lakewood Lodge, you and your friends were enjoying a camping trip until a massive storm washed away your campsite, leaving you no choice but to seek refuge at the rundown cabin you saw on your way in. As you enter you find it’s occupied by the famous Lakewood Lodge Killer! He locks you in and gives you 60 minutes to escape -- will you be able to make it out? Check out the website to see the other themed rooms and book your tickets today!

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