Cottle Strawberry Farm
Cottle Strawberry Farm
Ariana Sanchez
May 25, 2018

With summer right around the corner, we find ourselves entering the time of fresh, juicy and delicious berries. From homemade pies to scrumptious jams, there are always plenty of reasons to enjoy berries. If you love strawberries, be sure to head out to Cottle Strawberry Farm in Florence for some of the plumpest strawberries around.

When you stop by the Cottle Strawberry Farm, you can either simply grab a pre-picked box of fresh strawberries or enjoy picking strawberries right off the vine! Friends and family can out to the farm together and walk through the farm, picking the reddest and plumpest strawberries you can find! If you want fresh fruit, there’s nothing like picking the strawberries straight from the farm! The Cottle Strawberry Farm is open for picking and guests are welcomed 7 days a week. On Sundays, the farm is open 11am - 6pm and on Mondays through Saturdays, guests can pick strawberries from 8am to 7pm. For a quart full of strawberries pay just $4. For a gallon of already picked strawberries pay $15 and for a gallon of strawberries that you pick yourself pay $12. While it’s not necessary to reserve a time to come and visit the farm, it’s recommended that you call ahead in case of rain or other weather related issues.

Over at the market, while you can find pre-picked strawberries, you can also find other yummy strawberry products such as breads, syrups and preserves. The Cottle Strawberry Farm is a great place for families, friends and couples to come and visit and have fun. Kids of all ages can enjoy picking strawberries and enjoying a strawberry or two along the way. Cottle Strawberry Farm is a small family farm that is locally run. If you want to help support local and family run businesses, stopping by this strawberry farm is also a great way to do just that!

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